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For The Love Of Cars

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Do you love your vehicle? Just how can you describe or define your love for your car? Would it be like that you feel for your mobile phone? Or love for a pet? Or love for a special human being?

The Auto Channel brings a report which indicated that a survey of respondents around the country was done by Jiffy Lube International. According to the results of the survey, respondents, who were vehicle owners and drivers, had disclosed that there is this special relationship that a driver has to their vehicle. And just how high this love can get, the study’s results reflected that the affected can be quite similar as the affection that we give to the special people in our lives.

According to the survey, the respondents had shared that they were not bashful about saying out loud their affections and appreciation of their vehicle since most of these respondents do look at their cars as a partner. The results showed that out of the total lot of women surveyed, 48% said that they thank their vehicle for various reasons. 44% of the men also do such. 37% of the men and 30% of the women have given their compliments to their cars for being dependable units. Also, the results showed that some 27% men and 25% women gave their commendations to the vehicle because the unit looked good. Indeed, drivers may look at their vehicles as if they were human beings who had feelings.

The survey also continued to disclose that some 20% of the women respondents as well as 14% of the men lot had shared that they gave their vehicle a rub or a tap for being good cars. Also, the survey results reflected that people also do apologize for some “misdeeds” done. 28% women and 24% men had declared that they say sorry to their vehicles whenever they do something wrong like not being able to buy them a new Monroe max-lift lift strut, or when they accidentally go through a pothole, or when they miscalculate a curb.

Lisa Carlson is Jiffy’s global director for marketing and she said, “Valentine’s Day is about showing affection for our loved ones, but we shouldn’t forget to also think about our vehicles. For most of us, our vehicles are far more than just another line-item on our list of assets. They are so integral to our daily lives because we constantly count on them to safely and dependably get us where we need to be. They deserve affection and attention too.”

About the Author:
Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.


Be careful for Current Economic Lending Conditions

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The worldwide conditions in Finance have changed in the past few months
Major reasons contributing to this are: USA downturn in the housing market which has caused massive losses in some of the world’s major banks and private equity firms, massive losses on the world share markets, talks of a possible recession in the USA and the recent rogue trader who lost almost $8billion from one of France’s largest banks.
These factors are leading lenders to tightening their lending criteria as to avoid future loans becoming problems down the track. Its all part of risk management in these uncertain world economic times. Although Australia’s economy is booming, we still rely heavily on the European and US markets, so it will only be a matter of time that their problems are felt here. Our rates have risen over the past 12 months due to inflation being above the RBA’s target band of 2-3%, which has also put pressures on families and individuals wanting to borrow funds.
When looking at applying for finance in these times, it is very important to consider the following. Work out a budget in terms of how much you want to put aside for finance repayments. This can be weekly or monthly. Also work out how much the running costs will be for the new purchase. Its very important to consider these cost’s as the lenders always take into account the running cost’s of any new finance application and it varies on the size of engine of the car being purchased.
Its also very important to consider your financial background. No outstanding defaults or currently in bankruptcy will be accepted. The lenders will always look into your past credit history, so paying bills on time, and paying back Loans on time is so important. If your history with one lender has been excellent, another lender will have no hesitation in providing more finance.
Other important factors are your work and residential history. Most lenders require you to be full time or at least work full time hours and show some stability in your residential status.
In summary, your credit history allows you to do many things in life that you would not normally be able to. By this I mean, Borrow; to buy that dream car of yours, or go on that long awaited holiday, get married, buy the toy you have always wanted (Boat, Caravan, Motorbike), the list is endless. In these turbulent financial times, it’s important to protect your file, look after your relationships with lenders and budget well so you can repay your debts .

About the Author:
James Peters is a Managing Director of 360 Financial Services. .360 Financial Service is dedicated and committed to providing professional and personal service. Our main focus is making your experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible.We can assist you. Cars, trucks, plant, machinery, bikes, caravans, you name it: we will finance it.

Dibayar Tiap Minggu !!

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ini ada lagi program PTC (Paid To Click) yang mau ngasih pay out/bayar kita tiap minggu, & gak ada batas minimal jika kita pake akun e-gold.

Namanya Donkeymails, so sobat coba aja peluang untuk dapat duit lewat bisnis internet !!!

Hey, aku dibayar No-Minimum !!!

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Sodara-sodara sekalian, aku mau woro-woro kabar baik nih !!!

aku udah 2 minggu ini coba-coba ikut no-minimum dan hasilnya sungguh memuaskan !!!

aku dah dapat 0,57 trus iseng-iseng aku minta pay out, trus 10 hari kemudian terkirim

ke rekeningku di e-gold. Luar biasa, dahsyat. Dan Suer, sungguh aku gak bohong !!!

hebatnya lagi no-minimum, bener-bener gak ngasi batasan minimal kita bisa tagih uang kita.

so, sodara-sodara sekalian. jika butuh kesempatan cari duit di internet, jangan ragu-ragu.

coba aja no-minimum, gak ada ruginya kok buat kita. kita dibayar buat nge-klik iklan aja

ato namanya PTC (Paid To Click). Gampang kan !!!

Coba Bisnis Internet

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Sudah lama sekali saya meninggalkan hobi tulis dan meresensi tentang Formula 1 (F1).

selama ini saya begitu asyik dengan mainan baru saya yang bernama Paid To Click (PTC).

Memang sepertinya saya ketinggalan banget tentang yang satu ini tapi  saya punya alasan kuat untuk gak berkecimpung didunia PTC/PTReM karena saya pikir dan saya pernah dengar banyak program-program seperti itu gak mau bayar hasil kerja keras saya.

Tapi setelah beberapa kurun waktu ini saya mencoba, ternyata gak semuanya seperti itu, diantaranya clixsense. program ini akan membayar kita sebesar $0.01 untuk tiap situs atau iklan yang kita kunjungi. Iklan-iklan ini setiap harinya sudah secara otomatis tersedia di dalam akun kita. Jadi yang perlu kita lakukan, setelah mendaftar, adalah rutin berkunjung ke dalam akun kita dan kemudian mengklik link-link iklan yang ada. Gampang dan Free, kok daftarnya.

Trus, program ini terdiri dari dua jenis keanggotaan : biasa dan premium. Untuk member biasa, kita hanya akan mendapati 3-5 iklan setiap harinya. Namun jika kita melakukan upgrade ke member premium sebesar $10, maka setiap harinya kita akan disuguhi 180 sampe 200 lebih link iklan!

Bayangin ya, kalo diberi 180 link iklan berharga 1 sen, maka dalam sehari kita akan mendapat penghasilan sebesar 180 x $0.01 = $1.8. Dengan demikian, dalam sebulan kita akan memperoleh uang sebesar $1.8 x 30 = $54. Asyik kan?

Dan untuk pembayaran, ClixSense pake cek. jadi kita gak usah buat akun ke e-gold, paypal, alert dll-lah. jadi gak ribet bro. Enaknya lagi, batas minimal pembayaran bisa kita tentuin sendiri. Yang terkecil adalah $10 !

Sepertinya   program ini asyik juga sebagai alternatif kita disela-sela memanfaatkan hobi kita surf/chat di internet. Yah, hitung-hitung bisa balikin modal kita nge-net, lah. Apalagi yang punya akses internet tanpa batas.

So, kalo mau coba iseng-iseng sambil  berharap dapat duit cobain aja clixsense.